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Hello Dolly! Truck sharing startup moving jobs into Seattle

SEATTLE — Dolly, a startup that connects people with trucks to people who are moving, is expanding its operations in Seattle. The company plans to add 30 employees at its corporate office while also adding 80 contract drivers in Seattle.

Bolstered by $8 million in new investment, Dolly is expanding its service which allows people who own trucks, vans or SUVs to contract with people who need a larger vehicle and a little help to move an item or items. Customers simply enter what they need moved into the Dolly app or website then schedule a time for pickup. The customers pay the Dolly “helpers” for the” truck and muscle” and prices vary based on distance, stairs, number and weight of items and other variables.

Dolly currently has 10 employees in Seattle, and hopes to expand its service to 20 cities by the end of 2016.

Source: Seattle Times

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