Democracy Live makes voting simple for military members, U.S. citizens around the world

SEATTLE — Electronic balloting company Democracy Live is providing web-based balloting to military and overseas voters around the world. Nearly 400 localities in the U.S. now use the Seattle company’s LiveBallot system. LiveBallot was developed to help state and local elections officials provide the correct ballots to men and women overseas so they can participate in elections back home while saving time and resources.

Qualified voters are provided a link to access the LiveBallot system via the secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. After entering authentication information, the voter is directed to their specific ballot. Depending on state laws, voters are provided the choice to mark the ballot using the online tools or to print a blank ballot and mark their selections offline. When the ballot is printed, the voter is also provided all materials required to return their ballot to the correct office in accordance with individual State laws and regulations.

“LiveBallot has been a true benefit to our overseas and military voters around the world. Those voters have been able to quickly access and mark their ballot no matter where in the world they are living or stationed abroad fighting for our country,” said Paul Lux, Okaloosa County Clerk and the leader of a Department of Defense 35-county Florida consortium of counties using LiveBallot.

Source: Democracy Live

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